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YonDan Jason Mayfield

4th. Degree Black Belt

Yondan Jason Mayfield started taking karate in 1991 at Oyama Karate. A year later he found Yoshukai Karate and Sensei Nichols where he found the true spirit of karate and a second family. Yondan Mayfield advanced his way up to a 5th Kyu Green belt. Shortly after that he had to move further away from the Dojo and couldn't make classes anymore.

But Karate never left Yondan Mayfield and it always seemed a part of him was missing. So Yondan Mayfield tried other various martial arts such as Aikido and Jeet Kune Do but they lacked in many aspects not only in the training aspect but the close family/friend atmosphere that he loved at the Yoshukai Dojo.

In 2008 Yondan Mayfield found my way back to Yoshukai and Sensei Nichols. He was home again. Yondan Mayfield earned 1st Degree Black in December of 2009, 2nd. Degree Black Belt in May 2011, 3rd degree August 2014 and his Yondan Degree February 20, 2016. Yondan Mayfield has been helping assist new students every chance he gets. He loves to help others, as well as teaching Yoshukai Karate.

Yondan Mayfield has 1 daughter, Ava Gale Mayfield, born March 19th, 2010.
Yondan Mayfield has been a IKF Instructor since 2009

Vestavia West Elementary
Tuesday & Thursday
After School - 4 P.M. 
Note: Children Are Picked Up In Front Of The School Band Are Walked Up To The Civic Center To Train On The Stage Of The Gym.