Shihan Rhnea Nichols

5th. Degree Black Belt

Shihan Rhnea Nichols Thomas has been In IKF Youshukai Karate for over 33 years, starting at the age of 7. Curently holds a Shihan degree in IKF Youshukia Karate. Certified Instructor thru Ikf Yoshukai Karate for over 20 years.

Shihan Rhnea Nichols Thomas accomplishments are
 1990 Black Belt Light weight Women's Wold Champion for American Airlines Fighting team
1989 - 1990 was National rank 4th in Womens light weight fighting in the NASKA rankings
1987 - 1990 ranked Number 1 in Kata's and Fighting in the Alabama Karate Circuit
1987 - Black belt Light Weight Womens fighter on the Coors Light Team

Shihan Rhnea Nichols Thomas is the oldest sibling of Sensie Ray Nichols and Renchi D.J. Nichols. Brothers are Renchi Mike Nichols and Renchi Mark Nichols. Shihan Nichols is a mother of 3, has 3 grandchildren and is married to Jeff Thomas