Renchi Lee Norwood

6th. Degree Black Belt, Renchi

Renchi Lee Norwood has been in karate since 1985, and is certified to teach by International Karate Federation. Renchi Norwood has been tecaching since 1990. Renchi Norwood is married, with 2 sons.

Renchi Norwood was Grand Sparring Champion, along with a 1st. Place Finish, Katas, and a 2nd. Place Finish, Weapons, in the 2005 Southern Region Open Karate Tournament. Renchi Norwood has 2 Alabama State Championships in light weight fighting and 2 in middle weight fighting. Renchi Norwood was rated 3rd in the Southeastern Division in 1993, and competed in National Black Belt World Championship by invitation only.

Liberty Park Elementary
Tuesday & Thursday
K - 1st  - Grade After School Until 3:45
2rd Grade Up- 3:50 Until 4:50

Mountain Brook Elementary
Renchi Lee Norwood

Monday & Wednesday
K – 2nd Grade: 2:50 - 3:50 P.M.
3rd Grade And Up 3:55-4:50 P.M.