Renchi D J Nichols

7th. Degree Black Belt, Renchi

Renchi D J Nichols is the Manager/Director; Assistant Chief Instructor, IKF Karate. Renchi Nichols started Karate in 1968 in Shorin Ryu in Florida. At the time, training was not regular for Mrs. Nichols, due mainly to raising three children, who are also active in IKF Karate, Renchi Mike, Renchi Mark, and Shihan Rhnea. Mrs. Nichols also has 7 grandchildren, Heather, Ashley, Sisicyln, Rachel, Christine, Baily and Dalton along with 7 great grandchildren.

Mrs. Nichols achieved 1st. Degree Black Belt in Yoshu-Kai under her husband, Sensei Ray Nichols in 1985. In 1988 Mrs. Nichols acheived her 6th. Degree Shihan, and in 2002, acheived her Renchi Degree. Mrs. Nichols started teaching in 1988.

Mrs. Nichols competed in National tournaments and was NASKA rated in the Executive and Senior division (1989-1995). She also competed in the Alabama Point Circuit and rated in the Executive and Senior division(1988-1998)

Renchi Nichols is a member of the U. S. Martial Arts Black Belt Hall Of Fame.