From The Webmaster Series.

The IKF Karate's "From The Webmaster Series", is a series of stories focusing on students that have overcome incredible odds, physical, and mental challenges to excel in IKF Karate.
Our website regularly features students who excel at testings, tournaments, and other events. These students are otherwise normal students, with no real physical or mental handicap to overcome. This series is aimed at featuring the students that have had to overcome physical and/or mental handicaps, handicaps that would make alot of us sit and watch or simply give up on life, and excel at IKF Karate.
We are proud to have each and every student in IKF Karate. We are extremely proud of these students featured here in this series, for these students have chosen IKF Karate to help them overcome their roadblock in life.
Thanks to all students in IKF Karate, and a special thanks to these students, for choosing IKF Karate.
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Do you know a student that has overcome physical and/or mental handicaps and is enrolled in IKF Karate? Let us know by E-Mail.

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