Sensei Ray Nichols
9th. Degree Black Belt


Sensei Ray Nichols is Founder/Director Chief Instructor, IKF Chito Ryu Yoshu-Kai Karate. Sensei Nichols has been actively training in karate for over 50 years, starting under Benard Collins in the late 1950's. Sensei Nichols is responsible for bringing Chito-Ryu and Yoshu-Kai style Karate to the United States, along with Mike Foster and Mr. Yamamoto. For more on IKF's history, Please Click Here.

Sensei Nichols and his wife, Renchi D J Nichols, have three children that are also active in IKF Karate: son Renchi Mike; son Renchi Mark; and daughter Shihan Rhnea. Sensei and Renchi D J also have 2 granddaughters that are active in IKF Karate: Nidan Ashley Stromberger and Nidan Heather Stromberger.

Sensei Nichols is a member of the U. S. Martial Arts Black Belt Hall Of Fame.

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