Jaycee: A Special "From The Webmaster" Feature.

Webmaster Note: Sometimes we complain about a nick or scratch or a minor pain, and we let our aches keep us from going or doing, and in some instances, training. After reading the following story, it will be very clear that most of us have no idea what pain is. As I put this together, I tried to think of a title to put on this incredible story. But I do think that this story can only be titled appropriately with just one word: Jaycee.

Jaycee was born on April 25, 2000 in Birmingham Alabama. She is an only child, and lives with her mom and dad in Corner Alabama. Jaycee was born with a rare disease called Retroperitoneal Lymphangioma. This was not discovered until she was six years old. It started when about every three months Jaycee would have extreme pain that would cause her to scream and holler while lying in the floor kicking in pain. It was discovered by accident while an ultra sound technician was performing an ultra sound looking for anything wrong with her intestines. After he was finished he moved the device across her stomach to put it away, and that was when it was first seen. A growth about six inches long attached to her spleen, pancreas, liver, stomach, and intestines. It was nothing short of a miracle that it was even found. The Lord was watching over her and allowed this to be found. The surgeon told us it was so rare he did not even know what to do, and told us that he wanted to present it to a review board of other surgeons specialist, and to do a case study. The best thing that they felt to do was nothing and to just watch it. So now Jaycee endures test and M.I.R's about every three months to keep a eye on the growth and to make sure its growth is not to rapid. The doctors said that surgery was too dangerous, because so many organs were at jeopardy from the mass. This growth covers most of her left side and is currently displacing several organs, causing her a lot of pain. When Jaycee's father told her what was wrong with her, he asked her if she understood. She said she thought so. So he asked her what was the worst thing that could happen to her. She answered saying "that she could die"; but that was o.k. because then she would be in Heaven with Jesus. Since that mass has been discovered, her records have been turned over to the children's hospital in Boston Mass., one of the leading hospitals in child surgery in the country.

Jaycee home schools, sings in the church as well as plays the piano, vocal lessons, and is starting Gymnastics. After a lot of prayer we introduced Jaycee to karate soon after she was diagnosed, hoping it would help her be able to endure the pain and keep her in physical shape in case of surgery. She is currently a 3rd kyu (green w/black stripe) and loves to compete in tournaments. Last year in 2007 she competed in 5 tournaments and won 5-1st places 4-2nd places, 4-3rd places, 2-4th places.

The last tournament of 2007 in Dothan, Jaycee had already received 1st place in her kata and 1st place in her weapons when the pain began. But she wanted to fight so she padded up and waited for her turn, about 20 minutes, crying in pain the whole time. Finally, removing her pads, she said I can't take anymore. I held her for about 2 minutes when the judge approached her asked if she was going to fight. She said yes, padded up, and fought twice and received 2nd place. At the IKF Tournament held in January 2008 at Jeff State, Jaycee won 1st. Place in all 3 categories: kata, weapns and sparring - 3 - 1st places.

Even when the pain is almost unbearable with tears rolling down her cheek, she continues to compete and train knowing it is ok to quit but she just refuses to. Jaycee works out at least 45 minutes in the mornings 5 days a week. She trains at Hayden, Centerpoint, and 280 at least 5 nights a week.

Jaycee and her parents turned this over to God and know that Hhe doesn't make mistakes and does everything for a reason. We may not understand but have complete faith in His plan. Jaycee attends church at Gloryland Baptist Church in Birmingham.

Jaycee gives credit for her ability to do karate and success at tournaments because of Shihan Wade Simmons and SanDan Tom Yu, who have spent a lot of time working with her. But most of all Jaycee knows the Lord gives her the strength to continue on with whatever she does and the courage to see it through.
A Special thanks goes to Jaycee's mother for the information to make this article possible. This article is the respnsibility of the Webmaster, with permission from Sensei Nichols to print the abvove article. All remarks should be directed at the Webmaster , for I take full responsibility for this aricle.

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