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May 23rd

Brown & Black Class

Click on this link for details on the 24th Annual Shelby County I.K.F Yoshukai Karate Championship March 7, 2015

Click on this link for 2014 - 2015 Black Belt Testing and Kyu Testing for IKF Dojos

Meet Our Instructors

IKF Instructors are some of the best in karate. Our Instructors are students of IKF Karate as well as Instructors..

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IKF Karate has 2 Dojos (Training Halls) as well as offering classes in 25 schools within the state of Alabama..

Testing Dates


 2-12: Centerpoint Dojo 7p.m.
 2-13: Brown and Black Belt class
 2-21: Black Belt Testing

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The Nichols Family               Sensei's Children



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