The Ranking System

The ranking system is simple to follow. There are 10 kyu (grades), from white to brown belt. Brown is the last color belt before the black belt. There are 10 degrees of the black belt. The breakdown is as follows:

The Color Belts

Belt KYU (Grade) Kata
white belt 10th 27 Movements
purple belt 9th Zen Shin Ko Tia
blue belt 8th Shi Ho Hai
yellow belt 7th H Forms 1-4
yellow belt with stripe 6th Sei San
green belt 5th Ro Hai Sho
green belt with stripe 4th Ro Hai Dia
brown belt 3rd Nesis
brown belt with stripe 2nd Nesis Dia
brown belt with stripe 1st Ten Shin

After 1st. kyu brown belt, students are eligble to test for their black belt
after taking instruction for 6(six) months and with the approval of their instructor.